Utilizing sexual vitality transmutation to attain a selected aim or manifest one thing (or somebody) in your life is an easy course of.

Step 1: Make clear what you need.

Decide your aim:

  • Write it down.
  • Create a picture in your thoughts.
  • Deliver it alive in your creativeness with sight, sound, and movement.
  • Affiliate constructive feelings to the end result.
  • Preserve the aim to your self.

Opposite to in style perception, each aim analysis and my private expertise counsel that it’s finest to maintain your need or aim to your self as a substitute of asserting it to the world.

Step 2: Channel your consideration towards your aim.

Most frequently, our vitality and a spotlight get fragmented into many instructions together with sexual needs. To make use of sexual transmutation, you’re going to channel this sexual vitality into the picture of your required end result.

Bear in mind, we lose sexual vitality that flows out. So as a substitute of expressing this drive, preserve your consideration on the aim you need. It’s because of this Napoleon Hill wrote in regards to the significance of getting a “burning need.” Your need for what you need have to be larger than your drive for pleasure proper now.

Join with why you need it—your objective for attaining it.

Step three: Keep your focus and be affected person.

With renewed vigor, new concepts will probably start to current themselves. The universe, as Hill writes, beings to conspire in your favor. You’ll align with allies to help you in your quest. And momentum will begin to construct.

Keep on with this course of lengthy sufficient, and relying on the item of your need, you’ll start to manifest it.

Why Does This Course of Work?

As a substitute of directing your consciousness to random fleeting ideas and pleasures, you’re channeling your life power vitality into creating one thing within the bodily world.

This transmutation course of happens naturally for the Magician archetype. Over time, you’ll be taught nuances of this course of and refine it based mostly in your disposition.

What are the Limitations of this Type of Sexual Transmutation?

Ultimately, chances are you’ll sense a deeper calling. Or, you would possibly develop into uninspired through the use of your sexual vitality on this means.

By way of a religious awakening, chances are you’ll start to see that your ego is taking part in a sport. The ego is at all times creating new needs, not based mostly on the Spirit’s Will, however on envy, greed, anger, and worry. Attainment begins to lose its thrill.

Then, there’s a shift from exterior achievement to inside transformation. You start to see that you should use sexual transmutation to rework your self. Then, issues get extra fascinating.