Longer lasting decks


You can break your deck with only a flatland ollie (it actually occurred to me). One of the best ways to land is with each ft precisely above the vans. In the event you land along with your again foot on the tail once more you’ve a giant likelihood of snapping your tail.

You can even put one foot above a truck and put all of the strain on that truck (when you do that and you place your strain unsuitable you possibly can nonetheless snap your tail).

I personally land on the far again bolts with my again foot and on the far entrance bolts with my entrance foot.

Simply keep in mind to not put strain in your tail/nostril.
Secondly it is essential to bend your knees whenever you land so that you stress you board as much less as doable.


By no means attempt darkslides on a rail:

  • Your deck will bend.
  • Your griptape might be ruined on the sides.
  • Since you deck is concave, you’ll slide on the perimeters, so the strain on the perimeters is pushing it upwards whereas your legs push it downwards. Outcome: quite a lot of stress in your deck and litte cracks will apear in your deck. You will not see them at first, however after quite a lot of darkslides your deck will simply break with some boardslides (once more, this occurred to me).

This solely applies for doing darkslides on rails, when you actually wish to do darkslides, do them on packing containers.


In case you are a severe freestyler and you want your deck then do not do the next methods:

  • Pogo hops
  • Pogo spins
  • Truckstand hops
  • Truckstand spins

It would definately spoil your tail.


Do not do powerslides on tough terrain, your wheels might be ruined quickly.

Be taught methods sooner

Be sensible

Once you’re practising, do not make the identical mistake time and again.

As an alternative, take into consideration what you are doing unsuitable and proper it.

Ask somebody

In the event you’re having hassle studying a brand new trick, ask somebody who can already do it. They are going to be in a position that can assist you out.

I lastly acquired my 360 flips down due to a tip from a buddy to “lean into it”.

Movie your self

Movie your self whereas practising. Generally it is simpler to see errors on video.

Break it up

Break a trick up into smaller items, then study the items seperately first.

For a noseslide, you possibly can first practise to ollie onto the field, and to slip off on the finish, with out really doing the slide inbetween.


There is no magic trick to skateboarding, solely practising lots will get outcomes ultimately.

Skateboarding shouldn’t be straightforward, however whenever you land that candy trick it’ll all be value it.

Good luck!